Materials Science and Engineering

Materials advancements across all engineering disciplines.

Materials Science and Engineering

The image shows the human stem cell–derived cardiac microtissue grown
on a fiber-based scaffold fabricated using a laser-guided bioprinting technology
(Red: cell nuclei, Green: cardiomyocytes, Blue: fibers).
Image credit to Zhen Ma, Ph.D.

Materials Science and Engineering

At left, a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of an iron BDP MOF crystal
at right, an iron BDP MOF single-crystal device bonded to a platinum microelectrode array.
(Credit: Berkeley Lab)


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Aaron Hall

Why did you choose to study MSE? My obsession with food led me to pursue MSE. I started playing in the kitchen as a child spending time with my amazing grandmother. That led to me taking on a job in the dining hall during my undergrad at UC Santa Cruz where I worked my way…

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Yanwei Lum

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Xioranny Linares

Xioranny Linares (Xio, pronounced “See-O”) is the Quantum Computing R&D Program Manager, as well as the UC Berkeley Recruiting Manager at Keysight.

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